What is the Difference Between Tarp Tent and Camping Tent?


When preparing for camping for the first time, many people do not know how to choose between Tarp and camping tent, the difference between Tarp and camping tent both have structure, space and function, in fact, the two are not mutually exclusive, together with the use of more good. In addition, the Tarp tent wind resistance is also very good, generally able to resist more than 4 levels of wind. The specific difference between the Tarp and camping tent and the Tarp tent windproof ability, the latter will have a detailed introduction!

What is the Tarp tent?

Tarp tent is actually a piece of cloth overhead, both to play the role of shade and rain, and open ventilation, suitable for outdoor gatherings with friends before. Compared with the tent, Tarp structure is relatively simple, easy to build, through the Tarp pole and wind rope can be fixed, or there are some outdoor veteran players will use the camping staff or with the help of natural everything fixed Tarp. Most of the Tarp fabrics currently on the market with sunscreen coating, compared to more closed tents, without the obstruction of the tent wall, the Tarp creates a semi-open interactive space full of interaction. Expanded activity space, but also more integrated into the natural environment. The function of the outdoor camping Tarp is to protect the wind, rain and sun in the outdoors, you can sit down and drink tea and chat. Outdoor camping Tarp shade cloth can block the light to carry out the flare, and can make the temperature is reduced, but the shade cloth can not protect against rain.

What is the material of the outdoor Tarp tent?

Outdoor Tarp tent is a good partner for camping, compared with the tent, its high top can create a sense of open space, so often used with camping tents, and seemingly simple Tarp, the use of camp pillars and camp rope stretching can be built out of a variety of styles of outdoor Tarp tent, like outdoor activities friends must want to have a roof, the main fabric of the Tarp for Oxford cloth and cotton, Oxford cloth also has Nylon and polyester, polyester Oxford cloth can be preferred, strong and wear-resistant heat-resistant good sun protection and lightweight, coating is generally divided into black rubber, coated silver, coated silicon, black rubber for hot weather, coated silicon material is more suitable for the rainy season, black rubber coating shade good, more solid but the price will be high, coated silver is relatively easy to fall off, so the price is cheaper. Tarp tent fabric common waterproof index is generally between pu1000-3000, we can choose pu1500 or so, remember to pay attention to the sun protection index and waterproof index when buying.

What color outdoor Tarp tent insulation is good?

The previous article has been understood can Tarp tent what material is better, then in the color often the darker the more heat-absorbing, we can choose beige and other light colors in spring and autumn, winter can choose dark brown and other dark colors. According to the Tarp tent fabric bright color and dark color in the degree of reflected radiation, radiation transmission, absorption of radiation absorption luminosity, ultraviolet radiation transmission slightly different.


The biggest difference between the Tarp and camping tent is that the main function of the Tarp is shade, while the tent can not only shade and better privacy, because it can be completely closed. Tarp tent camping directly on top of the tent, with the use of tents than we use alone sun protection effect is much better. The above is the outdoor Tarp tent is what material and outdoor Tarp tent what color heat insulation good content introduction, hope to help you, we are Chinese tent manufacturer, and the blog has a lot of tent content introductions, if you have wholesale custom tent needs please feel free to contact us.

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