Why Choose Everich Soft Backpack Coolers?

As a Soft Backpack Coolers Manufacturer for 20 years. Made for diving, water sports, hiking, camping, cycling, fishing or other outdoor activities . We are keen to produce high-quality soft backpack coolers instead of ordinary coolers. It is constructed with waterproof soft IP7 TPU/PVC material + welded and heat-taped seams + roll top closure for better waterproofing.

Helped along by an airtight zipper, these bags do not let any droplet of water inside. Designed for convenience, our products possess soft sponge-ladden straps that do not leave any markings on the skin, and there’s gauze to cushion the back. Suitable for various types of terrain, our backpacks can be customized to any size, design and color for variability in your product stock. 500 pcs for OEM wholesale Project.

Our insightful and experienced designers will work with you in constructing a soft backpack cooler with your specifications and achieving a good balance between fashion and function. With our team’s help, your custom bags and gear can attract traffic to your business from various parts of the market. For more information on the production and customization details of the waterproof welding backpack, please visit→ https://www.everichoutdoor.com/how-we-work/
https://www.everichoutdoor.com/customization/ or direct contact us at [email protected]

Everich Soft Backpack Coolers

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