An Waterproof Bags, Camping Tents, Water bottles Manufacturer

In 2000, Michael Yao founded Everich in Hangzhou, China. As an waterproof bags, camping tents, folding chairs Manufacturer with a strong dedication to our clients' outdoor projects, we've won over some well-known brands, like Starbucks and Porsche.

"The service without after-sales service is the best service". We do our best to present our clients with the best service, and we are not content until our clients launch their products to the market. Every project is approached with a service mindset. Nearly two decades on, the world has changed but our core belief has stayed the same. We are determined to produce better outdoor products and better serve our clients by making proactive investments in people, technology and equipment.

Our Mission-the Quality of the Product is Life

Our mission is to build outdoor products with perfect quality-"the quality of the product is life". And we've been working hard every day toward that mission ever since Everich was established.

We firmly believe that quality is related to two 'life', one is the life of the consumer, one is that of the enterprise. Only by creating a better life for consumers with quality products can we truly win the recognition and trust of the market.

Everich provides brand owners and wholesalers with functional and stylish outdoor products that serve their target market. We design and create our products based on firsthand experience to meet the needs of the respective market.

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Our Brand-Dedicated to Outdoor Adventures

We seek to live up to our name—Everich. To that end, we make our best to make outdoor products not only famous for their excellence, which could be proven by 130 million dollars annual export volume, but also well-known for inspiring people in everyday life and outdoor adventures.

Our outdoor products is a connection between people and nature.

  • Innovation

    Ingenious design created by our designers embodies an effort we've put in to do better in quality and sustainability.

  • Sustainability

    Sustainability leads to your safety. By using environmentally friendly materials, we ensure that there is less pollution right from the beginning.

  • Quality

    The pursuit of quality is in our blood. We invest more into quality to let you get more value in our outdoor products.

  • Passion

    Our passion for outdoor activities and excellent outdoor products never fades. It drives us forward to leave a lasting global impact.

Everich in Figures

We take pride in manufacturing top quality outdoor products with our superior resources and we are always forward-looking.

  • 62000m² Modern Factory
  • 4 Specialized Production Lines
  • $1200k Output per Year
  • 1210 Skilled Employees

Everich In Action

We make efforts to find new ways driving your business forward.

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Everich Leadership

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    Cecilia He
    General Manager
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    Michael Yao
    Michael is the founder and owner of Everich Outdoor.
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    Angel Chen
    Vice General Manager

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