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Customizable Designing

Custom bags and gears from Everich can solidify your position in the market by following rising market trends. Our team can produce outdoor goods with any color, material, and print design. You can also include functional features such as waterproof card sleeves and adjustable buckles to your bags. Click here and see more customization options.

Our insightful and experienced designers will work with you in constructing a bag with your specifications and achieving a good balance between fashion and function. With our team’s help, your custom bags and gear can attract traffic to your business from various parts of the market.

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Digital Patterning

Accuracy and speed are important to Everich’s production of outdoor products, which is why our team utilizes digital patterning. It enables us to provide competitive prices on our outdoor products.

Using high-end computers and equipment, our dedicated and experienced workers can correctly apply the design to the bags and gears. The technique streamlines our production of outdoor goods without sacrificing the quality of our product. Digital patterning shortens the lead-time and ensures high-quality prints on your orders, which helps you drive brand loyalty. The technique also minimizes fabric waste, which demonstrates our brand philosophy.

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Laser Cutting

Are you disappointed with custom bags and gear that have unappealing design with multiple burrs? Everich takes you to the next level of personalized outdoor goods with our laser cutting equipment. Our technicians can produce nearly any patterns from leather or polyester materials with great precision and quick momentum.

Thanks to the efficiency of our laser cutting equipment and experienced staff, Everich can create attractive and functional products. Your brand will thrive from the short lead-time and our high-quality outdoor bags and gears.

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High Frequency Welding

Thick welding materials such as TPU and PVC sheets can make or break the water resistance of outdoor bags. Deficient welds can create leaks when the materials’ soldered parts are weak. Everich avoids this problem by utilizing high-frequency (HF) welding machines.

HF equipment delivers constant electrode energy to ensure a strong and watertight weld. With the machines at the hands of our experienced team, our line of outdoor bags and gears are leak proof. HF welding can help you drive brand royalty thanks to our products protecting your customer’s belongings from heavy rains.

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Packaging & Delivery

Before shipping out your wholesale order of outdoor goods, we thoroughly inspect each item to ensure they are clean and presentable. You can also choose whether you want to have your purchase sealed in PE bags or paper boxes, which lets you pick an appropriate packaging for a particular delivery method.These services assure you that the quality of your outdoor bags or gear is intact during shipment.

With our advanced equipment and experienced workers, we can fulfill large volume orders and ship them out within five to seven weeks. Thanks to the short lead-time of your orders, Everich gives you an edge over the market by offering new outdoor items with interesting functions and designs before your competitors.

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