Want to Wholesale and Customized Camping Tent?

As a professional wholesale camping tent manufacturer for more than 20 years. Everich outdoor’s camping tents have high quality can meet all your requirement! We have the ability to provide customers with various tent fabrics. The following four common fabrics Nylon, Polyester, Polyester Cotton, and Oxford are available for your choice. And we can provide you with high-quality tent pole materials including fiberglass, aluminum, and more.

We have a professional and creative R&D department, which can support strong ODM&OEM. The MOQ is 300 pcs, then you can find a wide selection of tents for the right size and shape so that you can enjoy the convenience your Everich camping gear brings to outdoor recreation.

  • Waterproof & UV Resistant Tent Fabric

    Waterproof & UV Resistant Tent Fabric

    When it comes to camping tent fabrics, there are following common options. Nylon is a fully man-made fabric that is quite affordable, durable, and relatively lightweight. Polyester is slightly more expensive and a little less common than nylon. Oxford is a synthetic material and relatively thick and heavy. Poly-cotton is a blend material using cotton mixed with polyester. In addition, we can use the new Rpet recycled fabric to manufacture camping tents. You can get more than 4 solid tent fabric options when you choose us as your tent factory. Contact us today!

  • Sturdy & Durable Tent Pole Material

    Sturdy & Durable Tent Pole Material

    Tent poles are an important part of camping tent, different tent pole types are suited to different types of tents, purposes and budgets. We have the ability to provide tent poles of various materials for your needs. We most often provide aluminum and fiberglass tent poles for our clients, which are often used in mid to high-end tents. These poles are strong, flexible, and durable in all weather conditions, making them one of the top choices for wholesale tent.

  • ODM & OEM Ability

    Experienced ODM & OEM Tent Manufacturer

    With domestic and foreign advanced technology production, our own factory support the stock wholesale, and custom can be processed according to your requirements. Everich Outdoor have a professional and creative R&D department that can support strong custom manufacturing or private label service. We have rich experience in cooperating with tent E-commerce & Amazon clients. If there is any requirement, we can sign an NDA to protect your own design.

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