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Multifunction Meets All Outdoor Needs

As an outdoor backpack manufacturer, Everich outfits all its bags and backpacks with multifunctional features fit for all occasions. Adding water-resistant ID pockets for duffle bags and on-the-go bottle pockets for our backpacks scratches only the surface of our potential in engineering bags that work in most terrains.For your customers’ greater convenience, you can request for more functional parts to be added to all our products, such as waterproof zippers and buckles.

We also have factories in both China and Cambodia and can provide you with Private Label and Custom Manufacturing services, saving you over 40% tariff if you import from our Cambodian factories. Get a Quote Now!

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FDA Compliant and BPA Free Materials

People are wary of water bottles that contain BPA, a harmful chemical that can cause cancer and hurt the environment. The substance can seep into the liquid when the container is exposed to high temperatures.

Our BPA free coolers and hydration bladders help you drive customer trust and brand loyalty.  Protecting the health of consumers and the environment, and meeting the global standard, is the goal of Everich. All of our outdoor products utilize premium materials that are safe to use when going on a hike or camping trip.

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Waterproofness Means Little Trouble

By using PVC and TPU fabric, Everich provides both durability and waterproofness that can help make every bag we produce withstand harsh elements. With our high-frequency welding machines and skilled workforce, we guarantee seamlessness with outdoor bag we bring out.

Efficiently securing what is inside, our waterproof bags come equipped with airtight zippers that keep rain out. Before they are shipped out, our masterful QC team will inspect all products thoroughly so that they are ready for use.

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Ergonomics Brings Comfort

Our design team’s understanding of current market trends and the need for convenience is felt in our bags’ numerous features. Placing sponges on all shoulder straps and adding mesh fabric on the back of our outdoor backpacks adds greater breathability. Securing your bags is a breeze with an added waist buckle.

To top it all off, our cycling bags are small enough to be held in one hand. Rely on Everich’s approach to ergonomics for greater comfort provided by our products.

Inspire Your End Customers with Our Outdoor Gear And Drinkware

Flexible and durable, these functional products can hold many items without the risk of tearing them apart. Aiming to inspire your customers to get more, we ensure every cooler bag is inspected thoroughly before delivery.

Camping tent outdoor

Everich Outdoor continues to provide all kinds of tents. Everich success story is built on the principle: Superior quality offered at the most competitive price, creative design with professional service. Our products line like camping tentcanvas tent, fishing&hunting tent and car roof tent.

kayak supplier

Everich outdoor offers watersports products with supreme stability and fun for every paddler including inflatable kayaks, paddle boards, fishing kayaks, and sea kayaks, suitable for all ages and abilities. Enjoy a stable and relaxing kayaking experience.

Outdoor Drinkware

Everich outdoor drinkware provide multipe bottles to meeting various challenges. durable Stainless Steel Water Bottles, Stainless Steel Mugs and bear Mugs.

Camping Chair and camping cot

Everich Outdoor continues to enrich its outdoor product production line, and also provides folding camping chairs, folding wagon carts, lightweight camping cots, and outdoor camping tables.

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