How to Pitch a Camping Tent and What Precautions?

how to pitch a camping tent

This article today introduces how to pitch a camping tent, Pitching a camping tent is one of the necessary skills for outdoor camping enthusiasts, many friends may be curious about how to pitch a tent, in fact, it is very easy to pitch a tent, first of all, choose a good camp, take out the tent accessories to determine a good, the tent pole into the tent docking well, insert the bottom corner, and finally hang the external accounts on it, different types of tents pitching method has some differences. There are certain skills to pitch the tent, try to pitch on flat ground, inventory the tools. Tent set up also need to pay attention to the back wind, build a good drainage ditch and field toilets and other matters. Here’s a look at the relevant knowledge.

How to pitch a general camping tent?

1、First of all, choose a camp, after considering the wind and terrain, choose a flat place, the inner tent laid flat on the ground (usually the inner tent, but there are some first to support the outer tent in the drill to hang the inner tent, the principle is to wear the tent pole layer), and the tent wrapped together with the peg bag, pole bag and other accessories first put aside.
2, take out the folded tent pole, butt well, a section straightened, connected into a long pole.
3, will be a long fiber rod through the tent camping tube (also known as the pipe), some double tent is hanging inside, will be hooked on the fiber rod. There are several poles to be worn at the same time.
4, one end of the fiber pole into the tent bottom corner of the enterprise eye hole or pin ring (some tents with pin ring, each has its own benefits), and then to the other end (diagonal), one hand holding the pole, one hand holding the bottom corner of the tent, slowly arch up the pole, the tent is held up and then insert the pole into the bottom corner of the enterprise eye or pin ring on.
5, the last is to hang the outer tent, open the outer tent, masked on the inner tent.
6, there are some ropes on the outer tent, is used to reinforce the tent, there is no high wind can generally not pull, do not feel safe best to pull on, but also with the ground peg, several ropes pulled evenly with force.

How to set up a triangular tent?

(1) Lay the tent canopy flat on the ground, flatten it and nail down the ground pegs along the bottom edge.
(2) From inside the tent, put up two sections of stubs, put on the isolation tube, and then put in the crossbar.
(3) cover the tent jacket and the jacket pegs down, so that all the outer canopy is taut.
(4) the rainproof cap into the end of the stanchion, set the wind pulling line, complete.
Note: triangle double tent inside and outside space between the tent, should maintain this space, do not make the inner and outer layer “stained” together, this space can play rain, warm role.

How to pitch a dome tent?

(1) the dome tent will be laid flat on the ground, nail down the four corners (some are hexagonal) of the ground pegs, you can also be stretched on the canopy pole and then nail the ground pegs.
(2) will be two groups (hexagonal dome for three groups) pole knotted up, if the pole is loose parts, you need to follow the instructions for group street connected.
(3) the tent pole into the tent support sleeve, two groups of each end into the sleeve hole, the other end of the two groups of poles at the same time force up, taut also inserted into the other sleeve hole.
(4) lift the tent shake into shape that can be placed flat on the ground to hit the ground peg. There is a jacket or a small rain cover, complete.

Tips for setting up a tent

1、Tent should be pitched on hard and flat ground as much as possible, not on the river bank or dry riverbed.
2、Pick a tent on sandy, grassy or rocky debris land with good drainage.
3、At least have a groove, do not pitch beside a stream or river, so that it will not be too cold at night.
4, tent face preferably facing south or southeast can see the early morning sun, camp as far as possible not in the ridge or mountain top.
5、Count the number of tent poles, ground pegs, ropes and support sets before setting up the tent, and put the unused items into the tent set after the camp is built.
5、To prevent insects from entering, you can spread a circle of kerosene around the tent.

What are the precautions for tenting

1、The entrance of the tent should be leeward, and the tent should be far away from the slope with rolling rocks.
2、To avoid the tent being flooded when it rains, a drainage ditch should be dug directly below the edge line of the roof.
3、the tent corners should be pressed with large stones. The tent should be kept in the air circulation, cooking in the tent to prevent fire.
4、Check whether all the fires are extinguished before going to bed at night, and whether the tent is fixed solidly.
5、Tents should be set up in order: first set up the common tent. In the camp downwind first set up the cooking tent, build a good stove, boil a pot of water, and then in turn upwind to set up the warehouse tent for storing common equipment and their respective camping tents. When the whole camp tent is set up, the water is boiling, so you can drink and start cooking immediately.


The above is how to pitch a camping tent and tenting attention content, hope to help you, we are China’s tent manufacturer, and the blog has a lot of tent content introductions, if you have wholesale custom tent needs please feel free to contact us.

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