How to Import tent from China


For a newbie in the International Trade Business, it isn’t easy to import Tent from China.

If you don’t know the importing process, it may be extremely complex, confusing, and costly for you. Then you will be in the risk of property loss or lack of competitiveness on your market.

With a large number of vendors on the market, how to choose a good and reliable tent manufacturer?

As all sales are trying to sell their products, customers have to be pretty careful before buying from a specific one.

Because even though the price might still be on the lower end, no one would want to spend a dime on a forged product.

So if you want to learn the basics of importing tent from China, you’ve just come to the right place.

We’ve compiled this step-by step guides and unreleased tips for people like you who’re ready to take a plunge into the Chinese Market, but are not sure from where to start.

Well today we’re going to make it easy for you.

1: Do Research

Before contacting any supplier from China, contact your local suppliers. Have a look at their prices and the products they’re offering and then compare it with their Chinese Counterparts.

For more often than not, you’ll see that the Chinese tent Manufacturer is offering products at least 40% cheaper than your local tent wholesalers or dealers. And that’s the exact reason why people are interested in importing tent from China.

Then make a list of what sort of tent do you prefer to import. Always complete your research before stepping into the market.

Because  at the end it will save you a valuable amount of time.

In addition to that, check with your local administration as what kind of items are prohibited in terms of Import. Various Governments have banned a series of accessories which cannot be imported in any way. So make sure your desired product isn’t banned by your respective authorities.

2: Online Browsing

Not many people could afford to take a trip to China and meet the tent Manufacturers in person.

Since it is quite an expensive method, customers aren’t very fond of this trick. Apart from it, nobody knows about the place where they’ll meet a reliable supplier.

As a result, most customers rely on online browsing when it comes to finding a wholesale tent Manufacturer. It is the quickest way to find a supplier which can serve your needs in an imperious manner.

In this case, the most viable option is Google.

On this search engine, type a clear description. If you’re looking for wholesale Dealers regarding tent, type the exact wording in the Google search bar. Don’t forget to add “China” with your sentence as it will instantly narrow down the group of suppliers to a specific country.

Besides, be specific in your approach. Since a large number of tent are currently sold in the Chinese market, it will help you if you’re clear of your preferred purchase. For Example, if you’re looking for canvas tent, type “Canvas tent Manufacturers in China“.

3: Attend Trade EXPO

Nowadays, a large number of trading fairs are set up all across the globe where the Chinese Manufacturers display their products on the World scale.

On such kind of event, companies display their most tent in the form of stalls, thus making people aware of their companies’ catalog.

The biggest advantage of this activity is that potential dealers can meet the tent Supplier without going anywhere.

Since any such event will attract a large number of sellers, it will help the consumer to have a clear insight of the market and avoid any potential scam. In this way, you can meet those suppliers in person and ask them whatever you want related to your business queries.

However, before attending any such fair, make sure that it is set up by a reliable organization.

One simple method which will help you big time is to check the registration fee of that EXPO. If the companies have to pay a decent amount of money to showcase their products, it means that the trading fair is mostly genuine.

4: Visit China

Once you’ve made contacts with a tent manufacturer in China, via online or through the trading fairs, it is highly recommended to pay them a visit if possible.

Unlike the start of your import business, now you’re sure of where to go and what to expect from the wholesale dealers.

Visit their workplace and go through their manufacturing processes. Have a look at what kind of tent have they developed in the past and what is their reput station in the local market.

5: The tips for Inquiry

Before sending the inquiry to the tent suppliers, make sure and clear what kind of products you want.

Tell them your requirements,For example material,size,waterproof,anti uv protection index if need customized.

(Attention: there are many material choose,for example fabric:Polyester,Poly Cotton,Oxford,Canvas,Nylon;poles:Aluminium poles,Fiberglass poles,Automatic poles,Iron-steel poles)

You can tell suppliers your sales market and your target price,they will recommend the suitable tent for you.

besides tell your requirements for the product, you  must pay close attention to the trade term the supplier offered.

or you can ask the supplier quote you with Incoterms(International Commercial Terms) you want.

You can find a price quoted by a supplier is always based on an incoterm and a city, such as FOB NINGBO.If the order is not so big, suppliers usually quote with FOB, EXW prices. If for big order and goods sent by Sea, usually with FOB or CIF.The different incoterm will have different prices, rights and obligations.Let’s show you an example.If supplier quote you FOB NINGBO price, here is what you and your supplier have to do:

>You book shipping space loading at NINGBO Port

>Your supplier handles the goods delivery to NINGBO Port

>Your supplier handles Customs export declaration

>Your supplier pays all cost at the NINGBO Port until departure

>You pay the shipping cost to get the B/L

>You pay all cost after the cargo leaves

>You pay sea freight charges, destination port charges, Customs, VAT, tariff and duties, inland transportation to your door or warehouse.While if it’s with EXW NINGBO. You have to pay all the cost after the goods leave the factory.

Now you might be think:  How to Choose Incoterm When Importing tent from China?Based on the incoterm you select, you can ask your China supplier handle the shipping of tent to a nearby port in China or all the way to your front door.Besides, you can compare the pricing between two or more suppliers with the same Incoterm.If you are new for importing or unfamiliar with the incorterm, the best way is to tell you supplier your purchasing quantity. And ask them to make a PI(Proforma Invoice) for you and includes all the cost from them company to your company.What is the proforma Invoice?

A proforma invoice is a document that states a commitment from the seller to sell goods to the buyer at specified prices and terms. It is used to declare the value of the trade.

6: Place an order

Always buy samples before place a bulk order!

You can required the supplier to produce a sample according to your   requirements.customized color and logo to check the quality and craft. Once you’re choose satisfy tent Supplier, start Importing. You’ve already done enough research.

Now is the time for the real business.

However, never make the mistake of ordering a bulk consignment at the start.

No matter how good a supplier looks from the outside, never let them persuade you ordering in bulk from the very beginning.

Always order samples and have a thorough look at them. From the trial order, you can see and evaluate the tent quality and the lead time.

On another aspect, you can know the company or the salesman service.

If you’re comfortable with the quality of those tent, only then you should think of ordering a larger consignment.

And if there’s something fishy with the samples, move on to the next supplier.

Even if it costs you a decent amount of money in ordering the counterfeit samples,

it will eventually save you from a bigger loss of a faulty consignment.

And most supplier can supply sample cost returned service.

7: Clear Communication

When communicating with a tent Manufacturer, be as clear in your approach as you possible.

If you know what tent you want, make it crystal clear of the supplier, what should be the size, the color, the use of place, and even the material you preferred, such as Nylon or Oxford tent. If you want beach tent, how about the uv index you need. If you’re looking for roof top tent, inform him.

If you don’t know what tent you want,only want to extent your production line,you can research the tent in your sales market,choose the interested tent,send the tent for the suppliers,they can supply the more details for you.then you can tell them what customized you want.

It’s up to you to give him all the details regarding tent which you are interested in importing and only then you will receive your intended product.

Lastly, the contract on which you agree with the tent Manufacturer should be precise. It should have all the instructions regarding the product characteristics, the time frame, and the payment.

8: Avoid Faulty Products

Don’t choose the lowest-price product.

Price is always related to materials. If you find some one quote you a price which is lower much much than others or lower much than the market prices.

Raise a red flag.

Believe us, the product they quote you is not the one you need.

You may know there is no lowest price in China, only the lower and lower prices. Lowest price always accompanies with high risk, maybe quality, quantity or reputation.

Even if it saves you a decent amount of money, but a serious buyer should never compromise on the quality of its product. At the moment, a large number of tent Manufacturer are there in the Chinese Market. Consequently, some of whom will provide you with a faulty set of products for an inexpensive price. But if you want to turn your business into a successful one, avoid the counterfeit products. Because even if the margin of profit is higher, such kind of products will eventually land you in trouble.

 9: About Shipping

In order to avoid all such hassles, tell your supplier what kind of shipping methods you want.

Generally, there are DHL/Fedex/TNT/UPS, by air and by sea options. You can ask your China tent supplier to take charge of all the shipping and exporting matters.

Then they will offer you the PI which will include all the cost includes the products cost, the shipping cost from China to your company, and also the exporting fee.

The only thing you should do is to hire an experienced import agent in your county. The importing agent will deal with the customs clearance once the goods arrive in your country. If everything goes well, the goods will release soon from customs and you will get the goods soon.Thus, the extra fee you should pay is the service fee to import agent and the tax fee.

If you are planning to import a wide range of tent products in bulk quantity from several suppliers. There is no better way than to hire a China shipping forwarder. According to your plan and suppliers lead time, they will support to handle and arrange your supplier’s goods shipping with the same container or flight. It will save your time and shipping cost.

10: Do a better plan for your order

In the international trading, time is money. Always consider that delays might happen during the process.

The goods might not be produced on time. The vessel might not sail as scheduled.

Goods might be held by the customs. Usually the delivery time is longer before long-term festival, such as

Christmas holiday, Chinese Spring festival.

Besides, suppliers are very busy before the holiday. The production time is longer than usual.

So if you have projects, or need goods for your Ecommerce business, you’d better to prepare and plan accordingly.


Customers are interested in importing tent from China is to maximize their profit or extend their product line. Now outdoor activities are more popular in whole world.the outdoor market are biggest.Chinese developers are offering their products for a low price and if you’re able to strike a right deal, it can help you big time in the future.  So have a look the before-mentioned guide in length and it will help you big time in extracting maximum profits from the import of outdoor tent. Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

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