What Is The Difference Between A Double-Layer Tent And A Single-Layer Tent


Abstract: Double-layer tent is a tent with two layers of inner and outer tent, and single-layer tent, double-layer tent production process is more complex, larger, more widely used, and because of the extra layer of breathable inner tent, double-layer tent has a better warmth effect, the ability to protect against rain and snow is also relatively strong. So how to pitch the double tent? First choose a good terrain, build the inner tent, then take out the tent poles and other accessories, tent poles into the inner tent pipe, open the tent, and finally open the outer tent, cover the inner tent can be. Here to learn more about double-layer tent vs single-layer tent.

Tent Production Process Is Different

Single-layer tent production process is relatively simple. Double-layer tent in the single-layer tent design based on the addition of a layer of better breathability of the inner tent. The outer tent is waterproof and windproof, the inner tent is breathable; the heat emitted by the human body will pass through the inner tent, condense on the inner wall of the outer tent, then follow the inner wall of the outer tent and slide down to the gap between the outer tent and the inner tent, without wetting the sleeping bag.

Tent Volume Operation Is Different

Single-layer tents are lightweight, small in size, occupy little space and are easier to set up. Double-layer tent volume is larger, folded up to occupy more space, covers a larger area, more tedious to set up.

Tent Use Environment Is Different

Single-layer tent is mainly used for park leisure, beach leisure and other summer camping activities, generally do not spend the night outdoors, the price is relatively cheap. Double-layer tent is generally used for outdoor camping overnight, due to lighter weight, also be used for snow mountain climbing, but need to use high-tech functional fabrics and auxiliary materials, more expensive.

How To Choose Double Layer/Single Layer Tent

Because in the cooler season, the human body excluded heat in the tent outside the role of air, will be condensed in the tent wall, water flowing down the tent wall will wet sleeping bags, and add the inner tent, the outer tent is not directly connected to the bottom of the inner tent, the heat emitted by the human body will be through the inner tent, condensation in the outer tent of water droplets can be DC ground. Therefore, the general ambient temperature above 5 ° C is more suitable for the use of single-layer tent, when the ambient temperature is lower than 5 ° C, due to the tent wall will be water, so it is best to use double tent or three-layer tent.

Advantages of Double-layer Tents

Tents provide people with a place to rest when camping, as we all know, the temperature will decrease at night, so the tent first to be able to keep warm and windproof. And because of the temperature difference between day and night, the moisture at night will be very heavy, the tent should prevent the moisture from soaking through. Especially in the mountain forest in the morning and evening fog is particularly heavy, tent external moisture condensation is serious, if the fabric can not waterproof, the tent will seep out small beads of water, the environment is cold and wet, simply can not provide a good place for people to rest.

Because of the above two requirements for tents, single-layer tents can not adapt to camping use. Although the single-layer tent is also made of thick waterproof Oxford cloth, but only one layer, warmth and waterproof can not be tested for a long time, more can not adapt to the situation of rain. The double-layer tent is different, it is designed into the outer tent and the inner tent two layers, there is a section of space between the two layers separated. The outer tent to block the wind and rain, the inner tent to keep warm and dry, whether it is raining or snowing, can give travelers a place of peace of mind. And double tent outer and inner tent can be used separately, when the sun is high during the day, you can open the outer tent alone, it becomes a shade of the pergola.

How To Pitch Double Layer Tent

1, set up the tent before the first to choose a suitable camping, generally away from the river, the terrain is high, flat and windy place.

2, set up when the tent first take out the outer tent and inner tent, you can first set up the inner tent, you can also set up the outer tent and then drill in to set up the inner tent. According to their own habits will be one of the layers laid flat on the ground.

3, after the inner tent is laid and then the peg bag, pole bag and other accessories out. First deal with the tent pole, will be a section of the tent pole docking on, articulation out to be tight, made of two equal length of the long pole.

4, inside the tent for the tent pole through the pipe, the two long rods will be crossed through the two opposite pipes. The two long poles should be worn at the same time, midway the long poles will be arched upward due to the tent structure, so the tent is propped up and shaped. This process requires at least two people, if four people will be more convenient to operate. When you put on the pipe, you should go from the bottom corner of one end of the tent to the bottom corner of the opposite side, so as not to miss a ring. Tent up will be the ends of the long pole inserted into the bottom corner of the ring, the whole inner tent is fixed.

5, the inner tent is ready to hang the outer tent, the method is to open the outer tent, masked on top of the inner tent. The outer tent is designed to windproof rope, the rope will be straightened with windproof hook fixed, one can strengthen the tent solid, blowing gale will not lift the tent, the second can be pulled apart between the inner and outer tent gap, two layers of tents apart more powerful warmth and moisture.


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