Why Choose Rotomolded Process for Manufacturing Ice Hard Cooler?

There are two general processes for manufacturing hard cooler, injection molding and rotomolding. We have extensive experience in this market. Most European and American customers wholesale our rotomolded ice cooler.

1. The injection has an injection port, so the molded product will have a small part that is not needed, and there will be a process to cut it off, but it can be found if you observe carefully; the injection molding process of plastic parts mainly includes 5 stages including mold clamping, filling, holding pressure, cooling, and demoulding.

2. The biggest feature of rotomolded products is that they have no seams and no injection ports. The cost of rotomolding molds is low. For products of the same size, the cost of rotomolding molds is about 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of blow molding and injection molds. It is suitable for molding large plastic products.

The advantages of rotomolding process:

  • The edge strength of the rotomolded product is good-rotomolding can achieve the thickness of the product edge of more than 5 mm, completely solving the problem of the thinner edge of the hollow product;
  • Various inserts can be placed in rotomolding;
  • The shape of rotomolded products can be very complex, and the thickness can be more than 5 mm;
  • Rotomolding can produce fully enclosed products;
  • Rotomolded products can be filled with foamed materials to achieve thermal insulation, which is just right for making hard cooler boxes;

Both are plastic molding methods, but the containers and ice coolers are well rotomolded, so the unit price of the products produced will be relatively high, precisely because of the different processes. Any questions, Please visit hard cooler page for more details.

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