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Abstract: Usually we go swimming at the beach often use waterproof bags, outdoor travel also used, waterproof bag material mainly PU, PVC, TPU three kinds of materials, the latter two are more commonly used, TUP material environmental protection, beautiful, soft, is a good material for making waterproof bags. When choosing a waterproof bag, the main thing is to choose the size of the waterproof bag size, appearance and style, design features, etc., pay attention to consider the durability of the hot pressed waterproof bag. Here’s a look at how to choose a quality waterproof bags.

Which Is The Best Waterproof Bag Material

Waterproof bag as the name implies is a waterproof function of the bag, usually in surfing, swimming, outdoor travel and other outdoor activities use more, because of the good waterproof function, so you can rest assured that the items into it, then the waterproof bag fabric which is good? Waterproof bags are made of the following three main materials.

PU material

this fabric in the case of water pressure of 2000-4000mm can prevent spilled water or light rain.

PVC material

PVC waterproof bag is made of polyethylene resin, has a strong waterproof performance.

TPU material

TPU material refers to thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer, with environmental protection, beautiful, soft and other characteristics, is a good material for making waterproof bags.

In the three kinds of waterproof bag material, the better mainly PVC waterproof bag and TPU waterproof bag two.

How To Choose A Quality Waterproof Bag

Swimming requires the use of swimming bags, because it is a water activity, so the waterproof performance of the swimming bag has certain requirements, in addition to good waterproof, but also pay attention to some other aspects. So how to choose a waterproof bag?


When choosing a waterproof bag, the first thing to consider is its size, the required capacity is large enough to fit all the necessary swimming equipment, but also enough to carry, light enough. Note that when buying a waterproof bag to choose the capacity than your swimming equipment needs to be slightly larger than the capacity, do not fill up the swimming bag to avoid easy damage.

2.Appearance Style

Waterproof bag appearance style can be selected from a large number of players can carry bags or shoulder bags, shoulder bags, you can also choose the right color and pattern according to their preferences, there is no special requirements, see what you like on the line.

3.Functional design

After choosing the right style and size, and then is to compare the functional design of the waterproof bag, a good waterproof bag bag easy to organize, easy access to equipment, packing, unloading waterproof bag in line with the habits of convenience, some of the points to note include: how many compartments in the main belt, compartment design way is the top cover drawstring type or pull refining open type, the number of small pockets or side pockets and configuration situation lights.


Waterproof bag durability requirements are also relatively high, to choose a lightweight, wear-resistant waterproof bag, while its heat-pressed stitching is secure, whether to use waterproof zippers or airtight zippers, waterproof bag bottom whether to strengthen the double-layer treatment, straps and waterproof bag body contact points are strong enough to pay attention to points.


Above this is some waterproof bag related introduction, our blog regularly share about waterproof bag introduction, hope it can help you, we are professional China waterproof bag manufacturer, can produce and export all kinds of waterproof bags, including dry bag, cooler bag, cooler backpack, etc. If you have custom wholesale waterproof bag needs, please feel free to contact us.

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