How should we choose a more convenient waterproof backpack?

For outdoor activities, a suitable outdoor bag is definitely the most important equipment. An easy-to-use backpack can make the trip safer and more comfortable. In mountaineering, camping, and outings, the suitability of a bag is related to how far he can walk, so how to choose a backpack is very universe–oriented. As a backpacker, you must carry your backpack on your back so that you can live up to the name of the backpacker. The backpack can carry a lot of things, let us free our hands, make it easier to maintain our body balance, and make the whole outdoor activity more “stable”.
So how to make bags more convenient? We will consider its use effect from three angles and aspects:
1.Color: Choose bright colors to be more easily recognized by peers, relatively safe when camping. We recommend light green, orange, yellow, etc, these conspicuous colors make people more energetic.
2. We mainly promote products with better waterproof performance, so we pay more attention to this aspect. The usual material structure is PVC coating + polyester mesh + PVC coating. The whole body uses high-frequency welding to make the various parts fit together perfectly.
3.Occasions: You can install the matching shoulder strap when climbing, and the detachable shoulder strap design makes your shoulders more relaxed and comfortable. It is necessary to travel equipment when playing on the beach, waterproof and sand-proof, which can be applied on many occasions. So this bag can be used as a dry bag or a backpack with a detachable shoulder strap.

waterproof dry bag2

There are some new samples being modified and photographed for the coming Q3, looking forward to their shining debut!Learn more waterproof backpack, please pay attention.

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