How Do We Choose the Most Suitable Dry Bags

choose the most suitable dry bag


When wearing a dry bag, you don’t want to hurt your shoulders or back, but want to wear it comfortably. Once the capacity reaches 5 liters, you will see a belt that can fit the next few sizes, and these belts can be placed on the shoulder; then, when you reach a larger size, its shape gradually approaches backpack.

waterproof dry bag backpack 1


If you are traveling for a long time, the external pockets contain items such as keys and selfie sticks, so they will not take up extra space in your school bag, sort them separately and keep them dry.

waterproof bag 1


Folding tops tends to keep your items dry more effectively because you can evacuate and fold all the air several times, usually 3-4 times, simple and convenient.

20 liter dry bag 1

Everyone ’s needs are different, and the selection angle is different, so this is a diverse choice, we also support more innovative designs, all derived from the inspiration in life, the purpose is to make travel more convenient. More detail please visit→ Everich dry bags

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