Compared with Rotomolded Cooler and Other Thermo Cooler Box?

Compared with Rotomolded Cooler and Other Cooler

The ice cooler has a wide range of application scenarios. When you go to the beach, outdoor camping, barbecue, and fishing, you can see it is often used, so it is very popular among outdoor lovers and anglers. As we all know, the well-known brands of ice coolers on the market are yeti cooler, Rtic coolers, Coleman coolers, almost all they use are rotomolded ice coolers. Everich is an outdoor rotomolded cooler manufacturer with 10 years of experience. Today I want to write an article specifically to tell you how to distinguish the difference between other thermo cooler box and rotomolded cooler.

1.what is the ice coolers?

Ice cooler can also be called ice chest or hard cooler, is an insulated box used to keep food or drink cool. Ice cubes are usually placed in it to help keep the contents cool. The cooler is often used during picnics, vacations or vacations. They are usually made of internal and external plastic shells with rigid foam sandwiched between them. The most popular styles on the market are thermoelectric coolers, rotomolded cooler with wheels and Ride-on coolers, and soft sided coolers are also very popular,it is are foldable and easy to carry. Next, I will talk about the difference between injection molded cooler and rotomolded cooler from the perspective of production technology. This is why the prices of different ice coolers vary greatly. Please continue reading, the full text will take about 15 minutes.

2.How about the Injection Cooler Box?

Injection Cooler Box adopts the injection molding process. The injection molding process of plastic parts mainly includes five stages: mold clamping-filling-pressure holding-cooling-demolding. The mold is injected into the semi-gel after the plastic particles have melted, and is integrally formed by the mold. Since injection molding has an injection port, the molded product will have a small part that is not needed, and there will be a process to cut it off, but if you look closely, you can still find it.

Injection mould

a. The surface brightness of the product is high, and the texture is superior
b. The product wall thickness is consistent and uniformity is good;
c. High assembly accuracy and good consistency;
d. High production efficiency;
a. Both equipment and molds require large investment;
b. The later maintenance cost of the equipment mold is relatively high;
C. The product has high internal stress and is easy to crack at the corners;

3.How about the Rotomolded Coolers?

The rotomolded cooler uses a rotomolding process (Rotational Molding), which is to fill a certain amount of powdered resin into a cold mold, and the rotomolding machine drives the mold to slowly revolve and rotate around two mutually perpendicular rotating shafts. The external heating source heats the mold, so that the resin powder is melted and evenly coated on the entire cavity surface of the mold by its own gravity, and the hollow product is obtained after cooling and demolding.

Rotomolded Process
Rotomolded Process
Rotomolding mold
Rotomolding mold
  • a. The rotomolding mold saves raw materials: the wall thickness of rotomolding products is relatively uniform and the chamfer is slightly thicker, so it can give full play to the effectiveness of the materials, which is conducive to saving raw materials and saving costs; products of the same size and size, the rotomolding mold The cost is about 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost of blow molding and injection molds. In addition, in the molding process, there are no runners, gates and other fertilizers, and almost no charge is returned in the production process after debugging, and the utilization rate of materials is extremely high.
  • b. Rotomolding products have good edge strength. Rotomolding can achieve a thickness of more than 5 millimeters at the edge of the product, which completely solves the problem of thinner edges of hollow products, and the shape of rotomolding products can be very complex, not limited to a certain shape. When you are not satisfied with the wall thickness, there is no need to adjust the mold, and the wall thickness of rotomolding products can be adjusted freely (above 2mm)
  • c. Rotomolding can place various inlays, and can provide a variety of surface pattern treatments to produce various color products, and can also be used for anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging treatments for a variety of stone and wood simulation effects.
  • d. Rotational molding can produce fully enclosed products; and can be filled with foaming materials to realize the insulation of the items inside the cooler.
  • e. Rotational molding is suitable for forming various products with complex shapes. In the process of rotational molding, the material is gradually coated and deposited on the inner surface of the mold. The product has a strong ability to replicate the fine structure on the mold cavity. At the same time, the mold is not affected by external influences during the molding process. The pressure can be directly used for precision casting and other methods to produce a mold with a fine structure and a complex shape.


Compared with other mold processes, the rotational molding process provides us with more design space. Under the correct design concept, we can combine several parts into a complete mold, which greatly reduces the high assembly cost. The rotational molding process also includes a series of inherent design thinking methods, such as how to adjust the thickness of the side wall and how to strengthen the external settings. Moreover, the application of rotomolding products is very extensive. According to our more than ten years of production and industry experience, although the price of injection molded coolers is more expensive, they are made of environmentally friendly materials that have passed FDA standards, which are deeply loved by users.

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