Chance Favors Only the Prepared Mind

This is good news for your reference: it took China nearly two months to gradually control the coronavirus. Please refer to the Chinese food and beverage market that is now recovering. Both online and offline orders are proliferating, because during the period of social differentiation, customer demand will be added to their purchase list in advance, and the tourism industry is expected to explode by the end of 2020 Growth.

Now that everyone is fighting the COVID 19, during this tough time, all entrepreneurs are facing the same difficulty, but the opportunity is for the prepared mind, unstable or even declining consumer markets are temporary, cooler demand is permanent, maybe people don’t need now, but they do strongly when the battle is over. So it is late to produce when the battle is over or when the consumer market is stable, whether from the view of the season of cooler use or the peak period of consumer consumption.
Now start the action/project with the following analysis:

This is the best time to prepare, to have enough time to think and design in silence if you keep the social distance at home when everyone else is panicking, that could be move on and slow down and talk about the details. We have a professional R&D team with 21 people and design for free if you need please contact us at any time.
We have an outdoor original cooler factory, as the hard cooler of 125QT, a start-up production is 16 coolers(one mold), and the production is 4 times a day (one mold), which is the normal output of 64 coolers/day. Excluding the rest days of production personnel in the workshop, the capacity of a month is 1472 pcs standard. The time set aside for new molds and continuous debugging is 10-14 days. Responsible QC staff promise quality level (AQL) 2.5. A stable supply capacity can be achieved during this special time.

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Traction has died during this battle, we are setting up the specific division for solution design. This division will targeted work for designing the raw material plan for you including the possible method to protect your business due to the rising of the price and every delay of the shipment after the containing of the virus. We will analyze and come up with ways to reduce risks and costs as much as possible.
The above is an analysis based on historical market consumption and development trends, If you have better supplements and suggestions, very welcome, please contact our email address: [email protected]

Let us talk about it. We are ready for this. 

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