Best sellers of Beach & Fishing Coolers in 2019 National Hardware Show Las Vegas

Nothing beats an ice-cold beverage while relaxing on the beach. Nothing is worse than reaching for an icy drink and finding your cans swimming. Coolers are essential for family days on the sand. A good modern cooler will keep food and drinks fresh for days.
Everich Outdoor is manufacture specialized in outdoor gears for 20 years. We go deep into the market and delve into products. Every year we take part in various exhibitions with many new hard coolers&soft coolers. Last year, we took part in 2019 National Hardware Show Las Vegas from 7-9th May. Did you visit our booth at 12775? We also met some old customers in the United States.

Fishing Coolers customer
Fishing Coolers customer

After last year’s product promotion, from the sales data,followings are Everich Outdoor’s best seller products:

Everich Outdoor hard cooler


Everich built its empire by offering best-class products for years. The Everich hard coolers offers 2 inches of polyurethane foam insulation in the walls and lid and a freezer gasket seal. Everich coolers are extremely durable, and tubs are constructed in one piece utilizing food-grade materials. Everich also included non-slip rubber feet, recessed leak-proof drain plug, a dry goods rack (great feature!), and a locking top. Heavy-duty T-latches fasten the lid securely closed. Strong rope handles make carrying the cooler easy, and locking this cooler to a deck or boat is quick with tie-down slots. Finally, boaters will appreciate that the outer dimensions of the various cooler models match many popular marine coolers, making it easy for you to upgrade your old marine cooler. Everich are big, heavy, provide top-level performance and are priced accordingly. You can’t go wrong with a Everich hard cooler.

Everich Outdoor Soft Pack

Everich Outdoor Soft Pack 1
Everich Outdoor Soft Pack 2 1

The Everich Soft Pack is leakproof, puncture-resistant, and mildew-resistant. It comes in 20qt (20 cans), 30qt (30 cans) and 40qt (40 cans) sizes. It’ll keep ice cold for 4-5 days with thick, closed-cell foam insulation. Everich’s zippers are waterproof. The front pocket is a nice feature, but the only thing we’ve used it for is a bottle opener. Straps are heavy and well made, and the silver color is really popular.

Everich Outdoor Coolers pvc/tpu Series

backpack cooler

A backpack cooler? Yes please!  This reasonably-priced design hits all the important features. Everich Outdoor makes 12 can, 24 can, and big 48 can versions, but our personal favorite is the backpack for easy of carry onto the beach. Features include high density open-cell foam insulation that keeps ice cold for up to 3 days in 90 degree heat, genuine YKK zippers, bottle openers, stainless tie downs, and a durable shoulder strap and handle system.Everich Outdoor coolers are waterproof, and utilize FDA-approved food grade interior liners.The exterior is rugged pvc/tpu material, available in a number of colors. And if you’re into custom, Everich Outdoor will embroider your logo on the cooler. These coolers come with a limited lifetime warranty. Multiple colors and

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